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DermaFix: ACC Retinol + 100ml

DermaFix: ACC Retinol + 100ml

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This serum incorporates the encapsulation of retinol, allowing for a slow release into the skin for improved bioavailability, efficacy and a gentler use. This serum stimulates the fibroblasts helping to thicken the dermis for firmer and younger-looking skin. This serum incorporates Vitamin C, to resurface and revitalise skin.

Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply serum directly to skin. If sensitivity occurs, usage may be adjusted until full tolerance is achieved. 2-3 drops may be incorporated into your DermaFix Moisturiser at night only, Incorporate the Ferulic + C + E into your morning routine, offering 72 hours of added anti-oxidant protection. Daily protection with SPF 50+ is essential. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult doctor.

Key Ingredients: Cylasphere Retinol Vitamin C Rambutan Lychee Leaf

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