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NEW: Brow Bleach

The Brow Bleach Add On is designed for pre-Brow Colour Service use. It lightens natural brow colour by 1-2 tones, making it perfect for people who have decided to lighten their hair and achieve a lighter brow tint. It can also balance out uneven or grey areas in the brows, giving them a more uniform look.

If you’re going for a lighter vibe, consider the Brow Bleach Add On for your next brow appointment.

The Gold Standard – Beauty & Skin

TGS Lash Services

TGS Lash Lift

Experience the ultimate in lash transformations with our TGS Lash Lift. This exclusive treatment elevates your lashes without the use of curlers, mascara, or extensions. Our service not only includes a complimentary colour of your choice but also features a vitamin or mineral mask, and our exclusive TGS Serum Trio to protect and repair your lashes. Treat your lashes to a revitalising experience for a long lasting, low maintenance look.

  • New Clients: $160.00
  • Return: $140.00+
  • VIP: $135.00+

TGS Lash Revival

Ideal as an in-between treatment for Lash Lifts, our Perfect Add-On provides hydration and nourishment to your lashes while revitalising their colour. This includes a colour (tint or dye), a vitamin or mineral mask, and the application of our signature TGS Serum Trio. Extend the life of your Lash Lift with this specialised service!

$60.00 (ADD-ON ONLY)

Lash Colour

Enhance your natural lashes effortlessly with our Perfect Add-On, designed for those with Lash Extensions or lighter natural lashes. Simplify your mornings and enjoy hassle-free holidays! Opt for either Tint or Dye to achieve the perfect look.

$40.00 (ADD ON ONLY)

Lash Extension Removal

Experience the best of both worlds with a combined TGS Lash Lift and Lash Extension Removal service, perfect for those with healthy natural lashes. Enhance your look seamlessly and consider adding our Vitamin Lash Serum for at-home care, ensuring your lashes receive ongoing nourishment and attention.

$30.00 (ADD ON ONLY)

  • TGS Lift & Lamination

    Combine our TGS Brow Lamination & Lash Lift for a simple and low-maintenance solution. Achieve stunning lashes effortlessly with our TGS Lash Lift, a treatment that removes the need for curlers, mascara, or extensions. Transform your brows with our TGS Lamination, a semi-permanent, seven-step service crafted to enhance and correct brow shape.

    New Client: $290.00

    Return: $240.00+

    VIP: $220.00+

  • TGS Revival Combo

    This package includes TGS Lash & Brow Revival, a comprehensive service to elevate your brows and lashes. Enjoy the combined benefits of TGS Brow and Lash Revival, which includes waxing, colouring, a vitamin mask, and our exclusive TGS Serum Trio. Enhance the health and vibrancy of your brows and lashes with this all-encompassing treatment. Ideal option between TGS Lift & Lamination.

    New Clients: N/A

    Return: $135.00+

    VIP: $125.00+


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