Collection: Sun Protection

With a background in science, a childhood spent engulfed in nature and a family illness spotlighting harmful chemicals in everyday products, in 2019, Tandia Walsh created natural mineral sunscreen brand MOTHER SPF.

Growing up on the coastlines of Western Australia, Tandia inherited a passion for preserving the ocean from her parents, pearl farm owners outside of Broome. Summers spent fishing, crabbing, and camping led to a natural progression of studying science, majoring in Marine Biology. 

In 2016, Tandia’s world shifted on its axis when her mother, who previously had Melanoma, was diagnosed with another bout of cancer. The news evoked a heightened urgency for organic food and natural skincare products. Tandia took it upon herself to ensure her mum specifically eliminated anything containing endocrine disrupting properties that could harm her newly sensitive skin. It was then, while trying to find safe and effective skincare, that she discovered how many SPF brands contain questionable ingredients that are not only harmful to the body, but to the environment.

Using her background in science, Tandia began her journey into creating an SPF that not only protected your skin against the sun but used safe sustainable ingredients that nourished the skin and didn’t compromise on aesthetics.

After four years of research, MOTHER SPF was launched in late 2019, with one product: an Australian-made mineral SPF that met the highest global SPF testing and manufacturing standards in the world.

Dedicated in both name and nature to those very same MOTHERs.