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DermaFix: HydroGel Collagen Masque

DermaFix: HydroGel Collagen Masque

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The DermaFix Hydrogel Collagen Masque is a clear and transparent gel mask which allows the LED light wavelengths to penetrate the skin. The white sheet is just there for placement so that the mask does not tear on application. 

Dermafix recommends this for in house LED treatments and not so much for home LED Face mask devices. Mainly because some of those devices use a nose bridge or forehead support and the Hydrogel Mask could make the LED mask slide down during use.

The ingredients of the DermaFix Hydrogel mask will;

  • Assist acne prone skin by reducing excess sebum and offers boosted antibacterial properties.
  • Boost anti-inflammatory properties that will calm, sooth irritated skin and reduce inflammation triggered hyperpigmentation.
  • Assist aging skin by plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

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