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DermaFix: VitaPlex C Cream 57ml

DermaFix: VitaPlex C Cream 57ml

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VitaPlex-C, which is a multi-vitamin revitalizing moisturiser, promotes collagen synthesis with a high concentration of vitamins C, A, D, B5 and E. In addition, DermaFix Vitaplex-C moisturiser activate the skin’s native collagen and provides moisturising benefits through its natural herbal extracts, nourishing oils, and exclusive amino acids.

oisturiser Application

For optimal results the DermaFix VitaPlex-C Cream should be used after the application of any of the DermaFix cleanser products. In order for your skin to extract the most benefits from our VitaPlex-C Cream it is recommended that this moisturiser be applied twice-daily.

Key Ingredients

Vitamins A, B and C
Aloe Vera


The DermaFix VitaPlex-C moisturising cream consists of smoothing, lightening and anti-oxidant properties that stimulate the skin’s own protection against UV radiation and environmental stress. When applied according to instructions, these moisturisers can greatly benefit the skin.

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